Earth Week activities for Alberta Rider Elementary School!

You’re invited to a planting ceremony!

photo credit

photo credit

We’re celebrating Earth Day all week long next week by bringing our classes out to the garden for a planting ceremony!

We believe that for the garden to thrive our students need to be involved.  That’s why we’re inviting all Alberta Rider Elementary School classrooms outside next week to get our garden started!  Our students will have the opportunity to put some of our first plants in the Earth in this phase of planting.  Each plant will be marked with the classroom name so they can return to see how their plant is thriving in the months to come.

photo credit

photo credit

Our garden is more than a beautiful learning tool for our school and we want each child to feel at home outside studying science, reading, writing, and practicing their math skills.  That’s why we’re asking each student to bring a bit of their home to their garden home.  Please send your students to school on Monday with a small bag of soil from a special place.  It can be from their own back yard, a favorite park or even soil from Grandma’s house, whatever special place your child feels at home in!  When a classroom goes outside for their planting ceremony each child will contribute soil from their special place, together they will mix it and it will become part of the new home for their classroom’s plant.  Whenever they visit their plant they’ll know that a part of their special place is helping their plant to thrive.

Parents, if you’d like to be involved, please contact your child’s teacher directly to find out when your classroom is headed outside.  Also, remember, Tigard weather can be unpredictable, keep our outdoor activities in mind when your child gets dressed next week!  An extra pair of dry socks can go a long way towards improving the afternoon!  We’re looking forward to seeing your children, and possibly you, in the garden during Earth Week.




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