Time in Nature…it’s not just for the kids!

It’s a rare adult who doesn’t feel stress in our modern, hectic, life.  We rush from home to work and back again, running errands, chauffeuring kids to activities, play dates and games.  Increasingly we’re tethered to our smart phones with work intruding on home life at an alarming rate.

What if there was one simple, free, thing you could do to help alleviate some of that stress?  If it only took 20 minutes out of your day would you do it?  According to Harvard Physician, Eva Selhub, there is such a thing.  Nature.  Even 20 short minutes outside, soaking up “Vitamin N” can decrease stress, boost productivity, creativity, improve concentration, memory, and productivity.  Take your lunch break outside.  Move your board meetings to an outdoor table.  Find a quiet spot and take your laptop out to it.  Make a point to get yourself outside, in nature, for at least 20 minutes a day and see if you don’t feel better!

To read more about why even grown ups need time in nature click here.

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