Bringing Art to the ARE garden

A quick search on the internet, or through Pinterest, will net you thousands of fantastic garden art ideas-just keep an eye on the clock, the hours have a way of disappearing!  Many of these projects can be done in groups with little money spent on supplies making them ideal for an elementary school’s growing garden.




The creative Empress of Dirt gives instructions for how to upcycle an old ceiling fan into a beautiful piece of garden art.  How great would this look in our upcoming butterfly garden?!





Home Jelly shows us how easy it is to take old bricks and turn them into literary art.  One of the easiest outdoor class activities is reading.  At Alberta Rider Elementary school the staff and administration are dedicated to ensuring every child that leaves our school is at, or above, grade level in reading.  My own son’s reading skills skyrocketed last year with their DEAR approach (Drop Everything And Read!).  Our garden and the surrounding wooded area would make an ideal reading destination.  And we could highlight classic children’s literature with these adorable brick books!



Or, how about a wonderful lesson is reusing and recycling some of those materials we all have in abundance laying around the house?  Creare Scout posts a detailed step by step on how to turn simple materials like tin cans, plastic bottles, and lids into whimsical bees.  This also provides an excellent opportunity for the teacher to discuss the importance of this often maligned insect.



Finally a tutorial on how to solve the problem of roadside rubbish while adding a touch of whimsy to any garden!  We see them as we drive around town, abandoned hub caps, those poor lost car parts that are forever separated from their vehicle.  Grab them!  A quick coat of paint, a broom stick handle and a few details later and voila, garden art!




Much of the hard work is behind us, now we’re ready to make the ARE garden flourish!  Year after year we will have an opportunity to leave our mark on the garden, how will you leave yours?

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