Vitamin N



Have you been outside today?  Time in nature, or vitamin N, is proven to have a calming effect on both children and adults alike, yet our leisure time is increasingly spent indoors.  Let’s reverse that trend!  Commit to bringing your family back outside and increase your daily intake of Vitamin N.

Seem like a daunting task?  Here’s a few, simple, ways to increase your family’s Vitamin N:

  • Walk to school.  If it is at all possible, encourage your children to walk to school and walk with them.  Our 5 minute morning walk gives my son a chance to get his blood flowing and his muscles working before he needs to sit down and get to the difficult task of learning all day.
  • Take a family walk.  Walking to school not feasible?  Commit to getting the family outside and around the block a few times at least twice a week.  Not only will you get crucial time outdoors you’ll sneak in a little exercise and you just might meet new friends in the neighborhood.
  • Study al fresco.  Homework time can be a total drag, set up a mobile homework station that you can take outside while the weather is still warm and sunny.
  • Homework done?  Encourage your children to play outside, keep a supply of balls, chalk, bubbles, and outdoor toys on hand.  No toys?  Dig through the recycling bin and see what they can find.  Empty plastic bottles or cans can easily be turned in to a fun game of lawn bowling.
  • Make one weekend a month a nature weekend.  Turn off the smart phones, unplug the TV, and get your family outside.  Check out local nature reserve.  Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge is just a short drive south on Hwy. 99.   Cooper Mountain Nature Park is equally convenient to access.  In face, the Portland Metro area has a variety of family friendly hiking spots just waiting to be discovered.  A quick google search could lead you to your new favorite.

With a little thought and planning you could make a world of difference in the health and wellness of your family.

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