ARE garden is open for learning!

On Tuesday, September 2nd, the halls of Alberta Rider Elementary will once again be filled with the sounds of learning-learning makes a lot of noise, doesn’t it?!  It can also be really messy stuff! Especially when the learning takes place in our own, private, woodland garden just a few steps away from the classroom.  Our students will have the opportunity to study math, science, art, and history outside in our beautiful garden.  Alberta Rider Elementary students are really lucky kids!

To celebrate, Principal Laura Kintz invited all of our families up to see and enjoy the ARE garden for a dedication ceremony during our school’s back to school ice cream social.

Not only was this an opportunity to see all the work that had been done over the past year and enjoy the beautiful garden with stories and songs, it was our chance to acknowledge the gift from the graduating 5th graders last Spring.  It is a tradition at Alberta Rider Elementary for the outgoing 5th graders to present a gift to the school.  These past few years our garden has been the lucky recipient.  Last Spring the 5th grade class came together and decided on signs.  Not just any ordinary signs!  These signs mark four different sections of our garden.  The Grove.  Hedgerows for Habitat.  Butterfly Meadow.  And Hummingbird Haven.

Thank you ARE class of 2014!!


Finally, over the summer months there were a number of families that gave their time to the garden.  They weeded, they raked, they watered, and they hauled mulch & bark.  Without their help our garden would not thrive.   On behalf of the students at Alberta Rider Elementary, thank you!

See you outside!

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