Outdoor math

 Taking Math Outside

When we think of outdoor education, science is a natural fit.  But what about math?  Can our teachers successfully take math class outside to utilize our garden space?  Absolutely!




Finding, identifying, and evaluating angles is one example of an outdoor math lesson.





Buried treasure unearthed during the garden clean up

ARE garden


Searching for examples of geometric shapes is another perfect woodland garden activity.






And measuring length and width, calculating area, and comparing, contrasting, and observing differences in size all make perfect sense to take outside.





Our woodland garden, and soon to be outdoor classroom, are an amazing asset for the staff and students at Alberta Rider Elementary School.  But even if a school does not have a forest in the front yard the teachers and students can still benefit from taking some of their lessons outside.  If your school doesn’t have a plan in place for nature education schedule a meeting with your child’s teacher or the school administration and see how you can help make it a reality.

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