About The Garden

Welcome Friends of Alberta Rider Memorial Garden!

Mrs. Kintz, Principal, and Leslie Tracy, head Secretary, at the Spring work party-2013

Mrs. Kintz, Principal, and Leslie Tracy, head Secretary, at the Spring work party-2013

Did you know our school grounds offer a wondrous world of natural studies with all kinds of living creatures our children can explore hands-on?  Our students and teachers have an amazing opportunity to learn, walk, play, and study, right in our own front yard!

That’s why we’ve been working hard over the past two years raising money to build an outdoor classroom space.  We are nearly there! Our outdoor classroom will allow teachers to take a hands-on approach, moving their educational curriculum outdoors, and make learning even more fun!  This cross curriculum integration helps students experience a deeper understanding of their studies and spurs their creativity and imagination. Here are just some examples of what students could be learning in our outdoor classroom space:

  • English – contemplative, creative writing in journals, noting changes in the environment through the seasons, reading stories

  • Math – measuring plots, slope, elevation, calculating tree height and diameter, using a map and compass, looking for geometric shapes in nature

  • History – studying cultures of yesteryear, crafting tools early settlers used, making a time capsule

  • Music/Drama/Art – finding instruments from nature, singing songs, putting on plays, drawing natural landscapes, coloring leaf prints

  • Health/Nutrition – planting an edible garden, learning where real, healthy food comes from, practicing wilderness safety

  • Physical Education – playing outside games, hiking on the paths

  • Science – observing weather patterns, rock formations, soil and water samples, identifying plants, birds, and insects

  • Environmental – preserving natural resources, composting

  • On-site Field Trips – listening to presentations by experts from other organizations on birds, trees, insects, gardening

  • Social and Life Skills – citizenship, ethical decision making, leadership, teamwork, responsibility, achieving goals, building relationships, communication, and self-esteem

Mrs. Troncoso's 3rd grade class 2012/2013

Mrs. Troncoso’s 3rd grade class 2012/2013

Developing an outdoor classroom space will benefit our students in so many ways, such as increased physical activity, higher self-confidence, better attention span, as well as decreased stress.

You can help ~ donate your knowledge, time, or labor by:

  • Contacting Sherri Larson, Garden Committee chairperson at larsons2000@comcast.net for more information or to join the committee.

  • Subscribing to this Blog to receive updates about the ARE Garden all year long

  • Lend a hand at the annual garden clean up parties

  • Buying SCRIP – half the proceeds will benefit the Garden Fund

  • Visiting the garden and woodland area in front of the school with your children.  Get them excited about the space and the possibility of learning outdoors!

Working together builds community, and the results will be extraordinary!

~ Education, Naturally ~

Girl Holding Plant

Alberta Rider Elementary school, located on beautiful Bull Mountain in Tigard, Oregon serves over 600 Kindergarten through 5th grade students.  Our outdoor classroom and garden will enhance the educational experience of all of our students.

To view the layout and plans for our garden and outdoor classroom click here: gardenlayout0001


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